„I enjoy it very much“ „I enjoy it very much“ „I enjoy it very much“
Anna Veith 

„I enjoy it very much“


During the Audi Alp Tours, Anna Veith gushed about the development of e-mobility and her premiere with the Audi Q8 e-tron. Additionally, the Salzburg native spoke about her various roles and personal happiness, revealing the recipe she follows regarding sustainability.

Anna, at this year's Audi Alp Tours, you had the opportunity to experience the progressive and powerful performance of the Audi Q8 e-tron on one of the most beautiful roads in Europe for the first time. How was the premiere, and what is your conclusion?

„The driving experience was extremely intense! Driving such a special car on this beautiful route up the Glockner was a pleasure and a joy. What impresses me about e-mobility is the power behind it and, at the same time, the calmness that these cars radiate. Despite its power, it drives very quietly, which is a quality I absolutely appreciate.“

„The continuous development is tremendous.“

Three years ago, you switched to e-mobility, first driving an Audi e-tron, then an Audi RS e-tron GT, and now the Audi Q8 e-tron. How do you see the overall development of e-mobility?

„The continuous development is enormous, especially regarding the product range. But I'm also impressed every time by how well the cars are crafted on the inside. You drive at the highest level of comfort, superbly supported by the technology, and the peace and quiet - all things that allow me to arrive at my destination much more relaxed.“

The tour led across the Grossglockner High Alpine Road, cutting through the Tyrolean mountain world. What connects you with the mountains in the warm season?

„I live in the mountains and need them in both winter and summer. I enjoy hiking and the breathtaking views. Especially when it's hot, being up in the mountains is definitely more pleasant. Heat is not my thing.“ (laughs)
Responsible use of resources is one of the great challenges of our time. What recipe do you follow for sustainability?

„It's important to me to consume consciously, to pay attention to recyclable materials and energy efficiency. We have a photovoltaic system at home, so we use solar energy, which gives us a great feeling and a significant privilege. Everyone should look at their possibilities and see what they can change and contribute. However, I also believe that politics must take action so that together we can achieve the bigger picture.“

Which change has most positively turned your life upside down so far?

„Definitely the birth of our son. It was an incredibly beautiful emotional experience; I didn't expect to feel it so intensely. The role of being a mother is certainly challenging, but you grow into it, and it's wonderful—I enjoy it very much.“
In addition to your role as a mother, you and your husband run a design boutique hotel in Rohrmoos, and you work as a brand ambassador and model. How do you manage to juggle it all?

„Manuel takes care of ARX Boutiquehotel with the family, which is his great passion, where he can fully express himself. I'm more in the background and incredibly happy that I can spend so much time with our son. The role of being a brand ambassador brings variety and even more quality into my life, and I highly appreciate it. But managing all these things would not be possible without the support of my family, especially my mom and my mother-in-law.“

„For that, I am very, very grateful!“